Saturday, 9 July 2011

Stencil of Hazman Halid

Happy Advanced Birthday Bro...
Hope this makes your day
Hope you like it to although it is a bit different and off.

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Friday, 24 June 2011

Let's see..what am I going to talk about? Fleet enema I guess..damn..

Well there are lots of things to talk about...
The results has just come out and everyone passed...
So old news...moving on...

After waking up from my sleep in the afternoon I was playig this blood infinity game on my iPad 2(which I bought on June 11th, 2011.), it was so awesome...I'm on level 20 I think...then something happened very my RECTUM...there was something moving inside..That's like a big EWWWW...I was familiar with the sensation I was feeling that time...when I was a felt a bit like said it was the worms...EWWWW...
So anyway, went to the accidental and emergency consulted and got the prescription...
I was given antibiotics...metronidazole...I might have infection I guess..hence the paracetamol..incase I got fever..
And the one thing I hate was given to me...FLEET ENEMA!!!!!!!!

Well I actually like the enema when inserting it to the patients' inserting it in my own rectum from my anus is way different story...self insert of course..I don't want them to insert it because I know who they are..I mostly know thing about hospital..PRIVACY..NOT SO talk and talk until it gets to your ears....I know life's a bitch as they say.

Speaking about enema...position..I used the one that I used on my's not comfortable but it less disturbing...I used the left turning position with one arm rest and one inserting the fleet's cold and uncomfortable...but the chest knee position also known as doggie style...EWWWW...

I would like to take the fleet enema a picture but it's kinda disgusting.

I think that is all folks...

Wait...I got this Facebook fan page..a malaysian kinda artist...pianist to be exact..he super
awesome...he plays for the fun of it...his name is like..Hazman Halid...I like it when he plays GETARAN JIWA by Tan Sri are some pictures of him below...well actually just click these links

This is his fan page:
This is his blog:

Not just that he has good English...he is very good playing the keyboard and also he's an apple user too. He captures good quality pictures too. Awesomeness!... He's married with 1 son and a daughter...happy family.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

AAsweet poem for my lecturer Matron Haji Julaini Haji Latip

Just wanna share a poem i made 3 weeks ago Titled

'You are the Best'

Mr. Julaini,
You are different
from the other teachers.
The way you taught us,
The way you tell stories,
The way you shared your experiences,
The way you make us care for the patients,
And the one thing that makes you differ
Is how you opened our eyes
To see the world
And life
As well as
How you opened our minds.
We thanked you for that.
People like us
Would like to repay you
With something in return;
Like a present,
A poem,
A card
Even paintings.
But all of that
Will never be enough
Compare to the knowledge
You have given to us.
People may not think like me
Very little think like I do.
What I think of you differs
from anybody else.
I guess,
For the record,
I think you are
An inspiration.
I wished to be like you
But I cannot be.
All I could do
Is be myself
I can follow your footsteps
And perhaps be better.
If I were to grade you,
Personally and professionally
I would give you an A+
A sincere standing ovation,
Because you care
You are


Monday, 23 May 2011

Going for clinical And preparation for the farewell

Starting today...I have clinical placement at ward 6 and only 6 more days to go... Plus 1 day at IHS. For make up day...we are involved in the preparation of cgu Julaini's farewell..I am involved in the games section..hasnal and beb has lots to do..including my cousin, Ayu, has participate in the dance performance, singing and the games section..she has lots of ideas...hehehehe ...nyce one Jenny..hasnal and beb has work a lot in booking the place...preparing stuffs like tables, the catering...Luna is also singing other than Ayu...ain, dye, yeyen and some other people that I do not know is involved in the dance performance...I look forward to see the performances..juniors are also involved as well as the seniors..yea!...I even have a surprise game for this event..hehehe...I would like to upload pictures but at the moment I can't still getting to know the use of this should I say people does not know about's a secret until the next 2 months. And I'll be saving money to buy my dream camera.
Let's just hope I can collect the money and buy it in this has been along time I have not take pictures..
I Really missed it and I really really really missed my samsung i8.

Saturday, 21 May 2011


I am very thankful to god that I have Passed my Osce exam for this semester and also thankful for the previous ones although I did failed once because of one silly mistake...hehehehe...for those who failed..I know you can do it. I hope to see you passed your remedial exam for Osce. Amin Amin Ya Rabal Alamin. Only one more semester to go guys and not to forget our final exams for management semester and dissertation..I hope to see we all passed and dap at keraja nanti and kalau murah rezeki sambaing belajar.... Amin.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sorry for the late update...

Sorry for not being updating my blog like I used to do
it's nearly a year I guess
last semester..I was busy
this semester I am busy to the max and I'm kinda chasing my time..
there's no more room for PROCRASTINATION
cause I kinda doing my dissertation
sigh..and exams are coming up
and the next semester will be my last
FREEDOM awaits.
can't wait for that to happened.

So many things has happened... school life and clinical...I seriously don't want to talk about I said so many things has happened...I made a weebly website..but I'm not into it...well it is easy and all but I don't know but I preferred blogging..I mean weebly has blog..but I think I am a loyal

I too joined the UBD art was awesomeness..and masdiana joined too as well as Lina..hahaha their works of art were Great!!!!
I'll update next time..when I finished my art work and when I finished my exams..and If I have to

well I think it is time to show my work so far..hehehehe

Oh of the best things that happened this semester was that I meant my homes...he's super cool...hahaha..that's all I can say
and his cuzzie I think I'll be working my ass off this year..struggling to get good results..Insya Allah..
there was these exhibitions to be exact
I didn't have the time to go...hectic...

like other semesters..there are ups and for me as usual the car..I nearly killed myself tho..hahaha..but it was justa thought...I made to ge it out of my head..

I think I will do well this semester...Insya Allah..I have started my revisions though...and I wanna be what I wanna but still unsure what I wanna be but 1 thing for sure I wanna remember this
what Cikgu Hazilan said...focus...determination and responsibilities..and I not giving up that easy

oh yeah I've made a facebook account.

PS: For those haters out think I care well FYI I don't...get to know me first..don't judge.

Enjoy..the work that I have done so far

Friday, 15 October 2010